Heaven Now​/​Save the Yeti: An Ecological Manifesto

by J.H. Friedrick

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A lot of accidental references to winter. Maybe accidental isn't the right word, what I mean to say is that winter stopped by and hung out a lot when I was writing these songs. I asked her if she wanted to play the harp on any of these tracks but she declined.


released May 25, 2013

Many thanks to Andy Walz for his recording abilities, paper-cutter playing skills, and incredibly flexible availability. You're a good man.

David Oliver, I've always wanted to record music with you and I must say actually doing it was a lot of fun. Thank you very much, you're a good friend.

Elijah Neves, without your musical skills two of my favorite songs would have sounded flat and lifeless. Thank you so much for letting me use your time. I look forward to playing more music with you in the future.

Jordan Hoffman, well...when I have the money I'll be saying thanks for designing the cover of my physical album. But until then, thanks for being willing.

P.S. Thanks Ben "Pants" Wilt for playing on that one song.



all rights reserved


J.H. Friedrick Silverton, Oregon

I write songs, paint and draw, and am trying to develop a rich interior life.

I like playing places, so just give me a shout!

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Track Name: Halloween
I crossed myself last Halloween,
And you saw someone else underneath the sheets.
I tried to warn you
But you wouldn't leave.

The girls dressed down, came knocking at my door,
But I was fed up, wouldn't answer anymore.
I tried to warn you,
You tried to blind me, but I couldn't see.

So we know how it goes with me:
Come the snow, I'll miss the leaves.
Face aglow, trick or treat?
Come the snow, I'll miss my peace.

I crossed the hall last Thursday night,
And you were standing there and everything felt right.
I tried to warn you.
You tried to warn me.
But we wouldn't leave.
Track Name: You can't keep your money.
You can't keep your money, so why do you worry?
You don't have a need that God doesn't know.
Look at the birds there, flying above you,
They neither reap nor do they sow.

Is not life more than bread and water?
Your Father wont give you not a snake nor a stone.
You have a friend who is closer than a brother,
No matter where you go you're never alone.

There go the foxes to their little home-holes,
There go the birds circling toward their nests,
But this is the tragedy, it's also the standard.
The Son of Man has no place to lay His head.
Track Name: Lady Vain
The night that you left I saw the sinking of the Lady Vain
And began my journey, lonely and strange.
I don't know how it happened, but I arrived here.
Got really good at sitting playing solitaire.

And I don't know what I want.
And I don't know what I need.
Trying to weigh everything by what it cost,
And I find I can't afford to buy anything.

Some people think this world is upside down.
They stand on their heads and watch the mountains pour out,
Everything that's good and bad and inbetween.
But I stand erect and don't think anything.

And I don't know what I want.
And I don't know what I need.
Trying to weigh everything by what it cost,
And I find I can't afford to buy anything.
Track Name: Varanasi/Benares
And you went to the holiest spot,
To find yourself and to think about God.
But all you found was pot and some beads for your friends.
Your mother always said, "That girls a wanderer."

And I know what you saw there,
The trash burning in the morning air.
And how did you feel, did you miss your home?

In the morning you got a lesson from a barefoot, holy man,
All dressed in orange-red with crazy paint on his face,
As he carefully explains that the bovine is your mother,
The river is your mother too,
And nature, nature herself, maternal through and through.

And I know what you saw there,
The bodies burning in the evening air.
And I'd bet all the bearded Sikhs
Oh, I'd bet every pot of chai tea,
Yes and every holy tree,
That India changed you.
And I bet when you got home,
You dipped yourself seven times in the mighty Mississippi.
Track Name: Or, a gun.
You wore flowers. Yes that's all you wore,
And that was enough, enough and more.
For someone like me, whose eyes have seen,
All that has been and what will be.

Stumble and fall.

I know your heart is like a sweater,
Ready to be knit with mine.
I love you like no other,
In the winter time

I'm ashamed and I hate to say,
I mounted my bicycle and rode away.
It was the weight of the sky above,
That wouldn't let me stay.

Stumble and fall.

There is no one quite so clever,
No one quite as fine,
I love you like no other,
In the winter time.
Track Name: I don't like other people.
I don't like other people,
I just like my good friends and me.
I don't like other people,
'Cause I am as selfish as people can be.

I don't like stupid people,
I just like the smart ones like me.
I don't like stupid people,
'Cause I am as proud as the vast fearless sea.

I don't like ugly people,
I just like the fine ones like me.
I don't like ugly people,
'Cause I am consumed by my own vanity.
Track Name: Lumber Blunder
There once was a tree,
Who though he must be,
Taller than he really was.

All the squirrels on his limbs,
Strove to remind him,
That his trunk was thin,
Compared to,
The trunk of the Yew.

But the tree wouldn't heed,
The rodent's pleas,
And he stretched out his leaves,
So far,
Up towards the stars.

Well the wind starts to blow,
And then came the snow,
And next thing you know,
That tree did fall,
Small after all.

With his trunk on the ground,
The tree looked around,
And it was then that he found,
There was no one,
Quite so low as him.

Take a lesson from the timber,
And always remember,
That the truth is better,
Than a lie,
Spit out your pride,
Lets all be humble.
Track Name: From: Flea. To: Wife.
Said the flea to his wife,
This whole world is full of strife,
And I love you darling, true,
Like the ocean loves the moon.

Like a saint loves the dawn,
And like each fish loves his pond,
Like a bear loves his cave,
And like Freedom loves the slaves.

Well it's deeper than your skin,
Because your looks come from within,
And I won't want someone else,
Because you see beyond yourself,

To the stranger on the road,
And to your friend on her way home,
Well I love you darling, true,
Just like the ocean loves the moon.

Well I will not go away,
Yes I promise that I'll stay,
What I'm trying to say my love,
Is that I'll never be enough.

No, I'll never be enough.
Track Name: Books are better in the winter.
Books are better in the winter,
That's what I think,
And everybody says that it's true.
And you said you would always love me,
That's what I heard,
And it's something I always knew.

What is this that casts you down? Don't be afraid.

Oh the stars,
They are like people:
Always bigger than they seem.
I saw a man jump from a steeple,
I awoke to find it was a dream.

What is this that casts you down? Everything's alright.

Oh you know,
I feel sorrow,
For every hole torn in your heart,
Just keep your focus on tomorrow,
'Cause every day's a brand new start.

Do not be afraid, everything's okay.
Track Name: Foolish
Oh you know I've learned a lot,
And not every lesson was in school.
Oh you know I've learned a lot,
And that learning has left me a fool.

'Cause oh the world she pulls so hard,
And my feet are swift to go.
Oh the world she pulls so hard,
So Lord make my feet to be slow.

Lord you've called the foolish things,
To confound the wise,
Lord I'm called a foolish thing,
But I am precious in Your sight.
Track Name: The Damn Jam/Lady Vain Loose Reprise
wah wah beeeeeeewwww dingle dlank wah bwaaaaaaa